What is the Meaning of This? Lessons from the Hall of the Fisher King

Most people have no idea that I’ve spent a good deal of the last 20+ years contemplating the Western Mysteries around the Holy Grail. No, not the Grail sagas of Indiana Jones, Dan Brown and the conspiracy theories about Templars and Oak Island and all that. Rather, the symbolism of the Holy Grail Cycle.

To me, the Grail Cycle is the epitome of the Western Path. It’s been well-hidden beneath jokes and parodies, Monty Python sketches, and joking references that serve to minimize its power – perhaps to throw people off its path.

For protection. To make sure the people who really delve into it are serious, are sincere, and have a dedication that transcends the danger of looking like delusional fools.

Now, more than ever, it seems to me, the Western Mysteries embedded in the Grail Cycle need to be brought to light. Because we need them. They’re not better than others, or worse. They’re just quite Western. And in an age when a whole lot of folks of Western heritage are swooping in to help themselves to others’ Mysteries, I really think we need to reconnect with our own.

Reconnect with our DNA, our cellular truths. And live them. Just as our ancestors would have wanted us to.

It’s time to recount the tale.

About Kay Stoner

Inventor, coder, ux designer. Writer and independent publisher.
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