What drives this work?

Who are we?

Why are we here?

What makes our lives meaningful and gives them purpose?

These questions are uppermost in our minds, influencing us in unseen ways, and compelling us to seek out more from life than we’ve known before.

I believe that the answers to these questions can be found deep within ourselves and deeply hidden in our nearly-forgotten roots. My own family history can be traced back over a 1,000 years, through documented histories and the lore of my extended family. And my genetic history can be tracked back even farther, through the amazing new technologies of DNA analysis.

On my site kaylorraine.com, I explore the ways in which our dreams (both sleeping and waking) shape our lives, and I dive deep into the mythologies we construct from them. We all live by myth. We all feed on symbolism. It’s the stuff of life for us, and I investigate it all — and more — in my work of words and art.