Hacking the Human Operating System (“HOS”) is a lot easier than most people think.

We are


The stresses of everyday life have a way of reducing our resistance to interference. That can be mental, physical, emotional, even spiritual.

It’s like we’re designed to be influenced.

Largely Unaware

We’re trusting, which is nice. But it’s also dangerous. We don’t want to think the worst of others. Who could go through life being constantly suspicious of everyone and everything?

That’s no way to live, but what we gain in peace of mind, we lose in actual security.

Constantly at Risk

Nary a day goes by when we aren’t put at some kind of risk for suggestion or control or trickery. The whole of the USA economy seems built on it.

Our world profits from our compromise, so…

Easy to Hack

And surprisingly so. It doesn’t take much to get us to give up our passwords, or send money to someone who’s conned us, or even buy into an ideology (or a cult) that drains our coffers… and souls.

We are in constant peril, when we’re not aware. And others profit from that.