writing-fountain-penI’m an artist, poet, fiction writer, essayist, and philosopher who publishes independently.

I publish on blogs, as well as in print and digitally (eBooks). I’ve been publishing in print since the late 1980s, when I did underground guerilla publishing using the typewriter and photocopier at my office manager job.

My techniques have improved over the years (lucky for everyone), and I’m a firm believer that anyone — yes, anyone — can produce a slick-looking print book, using basic knowledge and attention to detail.

I’ve also been publishing online since 1996. Over a 33.6 baud modem — which was excellent training for the bandwidth constraints of wireless connections.

In addition to my own writing and publishing, I offer instruction in print book design. Digital has its advantages, but there’s nothing like a print book to soothe a frazzled soul.  Contact me in the comments below, if you’re interested in learning more.


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