Art and Literature

I’ve been known to write books. I’ve been known to make art.

My attention has shifted to the more pragmatic, tho’ I continue to reference what I’ve learned about the human operating system from my work with art.

There’s a whole world out there of insights into how the human system works, which can really only be accessed through the arts. But I don’t have time to discuss that, now.

I’d rather talk about how the human operating system gets hacked… and what we can do about it.

My Books can be found under the “Books” link

I’ve written fiction, non-fiction, poetry, personal mythology, and more. Also used to make a living as a technical writer, tho’ that was a lot less fun. But it was good for the bank account and it was my ‘gateway drug’ to high tech.

My Art can be found under the “Artwork” link

It’s been a while since I made art on a regular basis, but I’m still keeping the work up there.