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Sharing from DIVEDAPPER // D.A. Powell

… Instead of looking at thirty or forty poems, you’re looking at two hundred poems and saying, “Here are the forty best ones, now make a book.” Yeah. So I’m in that mode of resisting the convention of materiality and … Continue reading

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Hegel on Knowledge, Impatience, the Peril of Fixed Opinions, and the True Task of the Human Mind – Sharing from Maria Popova @ Brain Pickings

“Impatience asks for the impossible, wants to reach the goal without the means of getting there.” I frequently lament a particularly prevalent pathology of our time — our extreme impatience with the dynamic process of attaining knowledge and transmuting it … Continue reading

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Notes from the Resistance: A Column on Language and Power | Literary Hub

It is a bright cold day in December, and the clocks are striking thirteen. To the past or to the future, to an age when thought is free, from the age of Trump, from the age of Wikileaks, from a … Continue reading

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7.345 million teachable moments

I just counted the amount of time between this past election day (9th November, 2016) and when the Electoral College votes in 2020. All told, there are 1501 days separating them, and as each one has 24 hours, with 60 … Continue reading

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White people aren’t just privileged. They’re also spoiled.

  For the record, I am pretty sick and tired of SWEEPs — Straight White Educated Entitled Privileged folks — lamenting about how their kids won’t do as well as they have — or as well as their parents did. … Continue reading

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