Again, Again – a #poem of separation joined

chain link fence separating from sea and shore in the distanceAgain, Again

Oh, but we have traveled long, each
of us on a separate,
disparate course that somehow
comes parallel to the other,
now and then.
Now and again, I wonder
if your feet have fallen half
as hard as mine
on the dry, cracked soil of the dead
lake bottom
I sometimes call my “bid for glory”
and then again, my “bane” or
Or if you are content
with anonymous comforts taken among
suburbanites and hidden
Oh, but we each have taken
alternative routes — you
with your demure town meetings, I
with my spontaneous protests —
but still we find ourselves
linking arms
every couple of years or so — the chat
in a coffee house wedged into a strip mall,
the stray postcards blushing
of a latest adventure —
like loops in a chain link fence
placed around the perimeter of a once-
groomed garden
now gone to wild and woolly seed.
Again and again
I wonder if, and when, we’ll meet


Copyright © 2017 by Kay Lorraine – All Rights Reserved

Depth Perception - Selected Poems by Kay Lorraine
Depth Perception – Selected Poems by Kay Lorraine

From Depth Perception – Selected Poems by Kay Lorraine


Author: Kay Lorraine

Poet, publisher, programmer. I still like PHP.

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