Inhabiting the realm of spirit… — a #poem of assurance

smoke rising in the darknessInhabiting the realm of spirit
is less easy
than most think.
Weathering the storms of blood crashing
against the walls of elastic veins
that give with the flow and
hug with the ebb,
as flesh seeks to mirror the mind’s flights
of fancy, chasing
objects of desire in dreams and sidelong
reining in the roving eye,
the hand with a will of its own, reminding,
reminding, ever
reminding the heart to remember
the upward glance and check
the downward slide.
What dignity is there in love,
when weighted by heavy


Depth Perception - Selected Poems by Kay Lorraine

Depth Perception – Selected Poems by Kay Lorraine

From Depth Perception – Selected Poems


About Kay Stoner

Inventor, coder, ux designer. Writer and independent publisher.
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