Accept your infinite youth – a #poem of common sense

Plum blossom in snowAccept your infinite youth

With all the cells of your body which renew
themselves daily, giving
you entirely new flesh, new muscle, new bone
every seven years,
accept your infinite youth.

With every thought that rises
out of old fact and fiction, like a phoenix
taking flights of fancy
from the rubble of experience’s accepted refuse,
acknowledge your uniqueness without end.

As each old day heralds new,
the wearing night succumbs to dawn, as the earth
cloaks and uncloaks her way
through her changes, and we are never apart
from her…
invite your unceasing renewal.

With the beating of your heart which never fails…
with the breaths of your lungs, ever filling-emptying-filling…
with each and every last part of you
that lives fully till it passes…
accept your infinite youth.
1994 (2002)

Depth Perception - Selected Poems by Kay Lorraine
Depth Perception – Selected Poems by Kay Lorraine

From Depth Perception – Selected Poems


Author: Kay Lorraine

Poet, publisher, programmer. I still like PHP.

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