In these day of spartan dreams… – a #poem of wondering

tree standing in waterIn these day of spartan dreams, should I
let myself be coaxed to simulated
death by the stinginess of my over-
taxed imagination?

in this time of mortal fears, shall I
lay myself down like a lamb
on the slaughterhouse threshold
with little more than a plaintive
bleat to register my dis-
content with the way things are?

that moment when the moon comes full
above the treeline
and October madmen set matches to tawny waving fields scheduled
to be high-weed-mowed on the morrow, can I
muster no resounding resolve
and stifle the wildfire playing havoc
with my soul?

still the mind and spare
the spirit,
turn and run for the hills,
and dig up a long-wide fire-
every half mile or so.
Get some sleep.


Depth Perception - Selected Poems by Kay Lorraine
Depth Perception – Selected Poems by Kay Lorraine

From Depth Perception – Selected Poems


Author: Kay Lorraine

Poet, publisher, programmer. I still like PHP.

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