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Feeling underrepresented? Of course! So, I handle it myself.

According to a new paper Degrees of Difference: Gender Segregation of U.S. Doctorates by Field and Program Prestige published February 6, 2017, women not only earn fewer doctorates in fields that are traditionally separated by gender (golly gee, “Math is … Continue reading

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When you get down to it… Where do we find our answers?

The last two dreams I posted have had a lot of significance for me. “Digging Deep” is very much about digging into the unseen regions of our lives — our psyches, our pasts, our histories… the things and experiences and … Continue reading

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The Voice of Night – A House Full of Women

In a dream, I followed a woman down a street. I knew and respected her in real life, and she was actually something of a role model for me, as one of the most independent women I knew. I tried … Continue reading

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A welcome reminder of how much myth matters to me

So, just by chance, a couple of weeks ago, I accompanied my partner Laney to the annual conference of The Association for the Study of Women and Mythology.  A few months ago, Laney had gotten a (surprise, last-minute) email from … Continue reading

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